Our suppliers

We do not have anything to hide. On contrary – we are proud of what we are doing and want to share as much as possible with you.

In this section we want to introduce our suppliers. All of them are hand picked. Most of them are small manufacturers. All of them produce a fair product under fair conditions and at fair prices. Lot’s of their products are 100% handcrafted. This is why your handbag or shoe you buy with us is 100% unique.

Meet Masha

Masha is a mother of four so she has superpower per default.

This tiny little women is a driver and inspiratory of numerous social projects in Ukraine. One of them is for example reintegration of the Ukrainian youth from the front line into normal social life. Team of interdisciplinary specialists guide the teenagers and help children to understand what they want from their lives and to design a roadmap to achieve those goals. This includes ideation workshops and business modeling as well as help with (lost) documents and other administrative crap.

Besides these noble activities, Masha is a woman. And as every woman she is obsessed with shoes. At some point it was very hard for Masha to find a shoe which fits her lifestyle – busy, always on the way, with a busy schedule and a strong wish to feel herself comfy yet fabulous. So instead of looking an eternity for a non-existing perfect shoe, she decided to create an own one. And did so, founding Point G.

Since then she makes numerous Ukrainian – and now also European women happy.  

Together with a designer team, Masha develops the trendiest designs for the shoes, always keeping the comfort aspect in mind. She personally selects leather samples for the shoes and is her first and strictest tester.

Then, the real work starts.  A small team of ten handcrafts the shoes step by step. Men and women in a workshop are master of their cause and work together for years now. Every seam, every nail, every knock must be perfect.

Point G shoes are all handcrafted. We are proud to work with such wonderful people and are so happy to be able to bring these wonderful shoes for power women to Europe!