Our Philisophy

Conscious Reasonable Shopping

Search Less Buy Better is a curated online shop with focus on fashion. Since our launch in April 2019 we provide our customers with a conscious shopping experience, unique pre-selected items and professional customer service. 

Our Philosophy

What is your usual day? Getting up early, hurrying to the office, maybe even flying to a meeting in another city, coming back, doing some grocery shopping or yoga and meeting friends for dinner in the evening? Phew, sounds really busy. Lots of to-dos and things to keep track of.

Our mission at #SLBB is to make your life easier and to help you look awesome all day long no matter how crazy your calendar is.

Our curated selected pieces fit in your every day life and give it a little twist. Our view on fashion is eye-catchy and practical simultaneously. We love clothing that brings you through the day letting look you fantastic no matter the occasion, without getting changed 3 times a day. A few accessories and a red lipstick will do the rest. Less is better.

Less time spent on strolling the shopping streets, scrolling the websites and searching through your wardrobe means more time for you.

And last but not least. We support conscious shopping and suggest buying less but better pieces. Better not only in terms of super fitting to your style, but also in terms of sustainability and consciousness. Therefore, we work with selected boutique suppliers who do a fair job and are fairly paid for it.

Search less, buy better, and focus on you. We’ll do the rest.