Slow Fashion - What is it all about

Fashion industry is so fast moving! It is fun to discover all the new trends, all the fancy insta accounts and fashion bloggers. But sometimes it is also hard to follow them, hard to stay up to-date and to stay satisfied with what you have (in your wardrobe). Chanels and pradas of this world dictate the upper scale rules followed by zaras and h&ms who make them cheaper a.k.a affordable for the vast majority. Often it happens so fast that you do not even manage to muck out your wardrobe before the next shopping round.  

Fast fashion is seen by many as the fundamental cause of many of the sustainability issues the industry faces. Many  new brands are using sustainable cotton initiatives to reduce water, energy and chemical use, new dyeing technology to reduce water consumption by up to 50 percent, as well as numerous energy and chemical saving schemes throughout the supply chain. Yet, the industry is trying to fight the sustainability problems and preserve its image.  

But it would be unfair to only blame the other guy. It is also us, the consumers, and our insatiable appetite for fashion. Let's be honest - how many pairs of shoes do you own? And how many of them do you actually wear? And how many of them you truly love? Most of us can reduce the number of the shoes from 40 to 10 by answering these simple questions.

At #SLBB we are pursuing the strategy of Slow Fashion. What is Slow Fashion all about and why it is worth considering. Let's keep it simple and reduce the complexity down to three simple rules.  

  1. First of all, it is conscious compilation of your own wardrobe. Be picky. Select only the best pieces which you are 100% sure will fit your style and personality. Do not blindly follow all the trends without considering your own complexion.
  2. Prefer apparel and shoes which you can wear in more than one outfit and to more than one occasion. We love clothing that brings you through the day letting look you fantastic no matter the occasion, without getting changed 3 times a day. A few accessories and a red lipstick will do the rest. Less is better.
  3. Less is more. Prefer quality above the quantity. This rule does not mean you have to neglect your budget and financial goals. But also think about that the miser pays twice. Let alone such obvious advantages of quality as your flawless appearance, confidence and absence of bad conscious because of the children work.  

Slow fashion does not mean, you will wear recycled second hand t-shirts without any hint on sexiness till end of your days. In fact, the opposite is true. By consciously selecting your clothing and accessories and paying attention to its origin and quality, you will always be chic, confident and strong to conquer no matter what every day challenges. 

What Slow Fashion is definitely not - is slow customer service. You and communication with you is our first priority and always will be. 


In this spirit - Search less, buy better, and focus on you. We’ll do the rest.