Why Microbrands in fashion are so important

“For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope.” -

- Albert  Einstein

Launching a new fashion brand in our days might seem an insane idea. The fashion industry is oversaturated, the market hard to crack, corona crisis ongoing.  

And still, new clothing and accessories brands are popping up and show remarkable success among the customers. They are small and agile and therefore not idle to take their customers' feedback seriously. Take Allbirds, for example. This US microbrand strives to offer the most comfortable shoe in the world. Due to customers' feedback in e-mails and reviews, the manufacturer has repeatedly added seams or adapted the material - all within a very short time. 

Allbirds did not shy away from revising a model eight times in a year. Established brands are usually not so close to the customers to implement their feedback in several iterations within a year.

This company is a perfect example of how not to complain about the burdens and to turn their alleged disadvantages - such as small size - into advantages. 

Let's face the truth - Being a small brand is hard. It takes time to reach your customer, to establish the contact with her or him and to maintain the reach and visibility. At the same time, big players easily launch 27 collections per year (well, let put aside the question if it is reasonable), offer free delivery and postponed payment.  

The young labels cannot compete with the top dogs of the industry. Good news is - they also do not need to, because they are better in so many other issues. 

Take the radical transparency of the supply chain as an example. At SLBB we name our suppliers and tell their stories. The supply chain is also kept very simple and down to earth, so the customers do not have to pay extra for the back and forth shipments of the materials and components.

Also, microbrands have a direct impact on their manufacturing process. It is easier for them to collect feedback from their community and to translate it into action. They do not need to coordinate the alterations with different departments and can rather quickly respond to the market needs. 

Hence, being small and successful should not be contradictory. It is essential to focus on the one‘s strength and act authentically, do not compare yourself with the others, especially way to big brands, do what you best can and your community will thank with loyalty.